Which Flower Do I Choose for Mom on Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day 2015, 10th of May is now quite close to us. Flowers are always the perfect choice to recognize Mom efforts in each and every roll of life especially as mother.  As the creative director of flowerify.com I thought that there is always a question in mind of every kid is “Which flower do I choose for mom on Mother’s day?”

To help in finding the answer of this important question, I’ve mentioned five means to find the best flower for your Mom.

1 – Know about her choice on wedding?

Dig to know about her choice on wedding day. Send her bouquet of same flower with a message says “I wish these flowers will bring back the memories of special day”

2 – Flower of her choice?

Most of us know about her choices of flowers. If you don’t know the flower of her choice, find it out very casually. Ask her that you wanted to send flower to someone, what will be her suggestion.

3 – What’s her favorite color?

Most of us also know about her favorite colour. But if you don’t know or wanted to confirm it then you can find out her favorite colour during casual discussion of painting, art, home improvement etc.

4 – Get help from your FB friend?

If you can’t able to find out the right choice for your mom. You may get the suggestion from social media (facebook) friend. These guys are usually good internet surfer and can guide you in best way.

5 – Choose the best sellers?

If you still worried to find out the best choice. Just go for best seller like Roses. Almost all the women like any type of bouquet made up roses.

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